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Dynamic analyses of field opereations for the new era of real time farming.

About AcreFX

What is AcreFX?

AcreFX is a web based software which use advanced ETL  processes (extract, transform, loading) of farming data by transforming complex biological and inorganic data into a valuable information which is immediately ready to use.

What AcreFX does?

AcreFX is capable to store, organize and visualize raw data from multiple sources, like soil, plant, weather, satellite, combine and machinery data in a near real time files which can be used for deep understanding of all processes in the field.

What technology are we using?

Our technology is based on a deep learning and process mining supported with patented algorithms which deliver a highly precise information.

Our technological solutions transform raw field data into valuable information for a data driven field crop growers.

Our unique features

Advanced features we developed bring a new possibilities for the farming industry in the following processes:

Near real time financial mapping

AcreFX algorithm ensure automatic distribution of inputs on a field level as well as each field zone. Since profit is one of the most important factor which drive companies, our algorithm will serve to the financial department and managers as a powerful tool.

Process mapping

AcreFX is a unique due to its process mapping algorithms. Since farming is 24/7/365 under open sky, every decision managers make influence the results. Now we will be capable to predict it and take a control on every decision on a farm level.

Dynamic analyses of soil to plant ratio

Dynamic algorithms are capable to track soil/plant relation over time, even on a weekly level in order to understand the trends of other factors which have influence on the production system. By understanding these data, we can predict the behavior of each plant species at particular field zone, according to dynamic factors.

Visualisation of complete data

When companies upload data into AcreFX, its algorithm visualise data for a different management levels in the company. This feature customize reports according to management needs.

Cross analytics of different layers

Every farm layer collected during the season have something unique. Thanks to its algorithm, AcreFX collect, read and understand these data automatically. The way how farmers manage multiple data will be crucial in increasing the profitability and sustainability of our production system. This is not possible to achieve if we cant read and visualise these data.

Carbon managament

Our technology is based on a precise and comprehensive data analytics. We are going to offer for different types of farmers different solutions regarding the carbon sequestration management.

Connect with our team


Branimir Popov

MSc. Agribusiness management and data science. Experienced entrepreneur with 10+ years in agri-business, high tech agronomy as well as business development. He poses strong analytical capabilities with proven business development skills. His main role is to lead the project, external/internal team and the business on a strategical level. His agronomical expertise is in no till, regenerative agriculture, precision agriculture, technology implementation in various production systems.


Nikola Stanić

Field Test Manager, Msc. Agricultural eng. – An experienced mechanical engineer, currently on PhD studies at the faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad, Serbia. He has spent the last 4 years working with advanced machines for precision agriculture.


Đura Gregorić

Junior agronomist and data scientist in charge for all agronomical and technical issues within the company. Đura posses exceptional skills in collecting precision agriculture data, 3 language native speaker (Hungarian, Serbian and English) and have 1+ year in precision agriculture.

Contact us

Branimir Popov, CEO – b.popov@hagtec.com

+381 60 222 88 99


Zemunska 22, 11070, Belgrade, Serbia

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